Basic Information

We have great pleasure to inform you about the possibility of joining the Society for Connective Tissues (SCT) that was established in 2004 in order to continue the ten-year fruitful activities of the Society for Research and Use of Connective Tissue headed by Professor M. Adam, MD, DSc. The activities of the SCT are aimed to support the research and development in the field of connective tissues, the dissemination of knowledge related to the all-purpose analyses of the tissues in general, and the application of the up-to-date approaches to the diagnostics and clinical practice. Further, the SCT is determined to facilitate contacts between the respective specialists by means of collaboration with various research, professional, production and pharmaceutical companies.

In the last few years, the scientific knowledge and the application of the latest findings in the clinical practice have accelerated on an unprecedented scale, not only abroad, but also in this country. This fact is closely connected with the qualitative development of the knowledge in the non-biological sciences and in the up-to-date engineering approaches. The fact that all things are mutually connected is becoming more and more evident. It is fairly obvious that the new knowledge and discoveries arise on the dividing line between the different fields and disciplines of science. In the last few decades, the human society has reached the new qualities of civilization. This applies, in particular, for the disciplines of science and their applications; however, this statement can hardly be used with reference to the moral and ethical aspects of the human lives. At present, the biomedical science is a wide-ranging interdisciplinary science which, in case of lack of cooperation with other scientific disciplines, would be condemned to stagnation. That is the reason why the SCT is aimed at integrating the specialists within both the biomedical science and the engineering fields.

The priority objective of the SCT is to present the professional public and specialists involved in the clinical practice the latest knowledge in the field of connective tissues. The SCT is also a civic society whose aim is to bring people close together by joining members of the clinical staff, researchers and teachers including the retired ex-colleagues and, last but not least, the undergraduates and PhD students from universities and academic establishments. The SCT is planning to organize at least two professional and social meetings each year. Beside the professional contribution of these meetings, emphasis will be laid on social activities informal discussions of all those who do not want to stagnate and who do not want to acquire the new knowledge in solitary confinement.

The annual membership fee is 200 CZK for full workers, and 100 CZK for students and pensioners. This membership fee will be used to cover the basic costs on correspondence with the members of the Society in order to inform them about organizing colloquiums, symposiums and social meetings.

The SCT is also engaged in publishing of the interdisciplinary journal entitled Locomotor System – Advances in Research, Diagnostics and Therapy. You are invited to contribute to the journal writing professional articles, exchanging experience or, simply sharing your opinions. The annual subscription is 240 CZK, for foreign subscribers 12 Euro (incl. shipping).

Dear Colleagues, do not stand aside (suffering from terrible lack of time) and join the professional people in the field of connective tissues to whom you undoubtedly belong. In this beautiful country, the sources of knowledge should be kept alive and maintained permanently. Our role in this process is not accidental. We are much obliged to our ancestors who had developed the qualities of proficiency in this country. Do not allow the decline of science. Do not let the programmed indifference arising from lack of professionalism, enviousness, and pathological promotion of economic and power interests manipulate us.

We are looking forward to meet you. We will be pleased if you will join us and share your experience with us.